Groups and activities

Most Woodcraft Folk groups in Cambridge meet one evening a week during term time for a couple of hours. They organise fun and educational age appropriate activities including co-operative games, discussions, craft activities, singing, cooking, night walks and orienteering, bushcraft and more! Usually the groups meet in a local indoor space but sometimes, especially during the summer months, they will meet in an outdoor space.


Elfins (6-9 yrs)
Badger Elfins
Ridgefield School, Friday evenings

Chipmunk Elfins
Histon Salvation Army Hall, Tuesday evenings

Evergreen Elfins
Storey’s Field Centre, Wednesday evenings

Pioneers (10-12 yrs)
Coton Pioneers
Coton Countryside Reserve/ Storey’s Field Centre, Wednesday evenings

Histon Pioneers
Histon Methodist Church, Tuesday evenings

Penguin Pioneers
St Matthews Church Hall, Monday evenings

Venturers (13-15 yrs)
St Matthews, Monday evenings

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Who organises groups?

Woodcraft Folk groups are run cooperatively by volunteers who can be parents/carers of the children in the group or other adult volunteers, some of whom grew up in Woodcraft Folk themselves. We hold termly meetings in order to devise a programme of activities. The children and young people are very much involved in this process, and play an increasingly important role as they grow through the groups.

Each group will have a number of experienced group leaders but new volunteers are always welcome and parental involvement is encouraged for the successful running of a group: your participation is welcomed and valued. If you volunteer with a group more than once a month or attend an overnight camp or residential stay, you are required to be a member of Woodcraft Folk, and hence have a DBS check. We can help you through this easy process.


We don’t have any set uniform but children can purchase Woodcraft Folk t-shirts, sweatshirts and ‘woodie hoodies’ to wear if they like.


Children pay a small weekly subscription of £2.25 which goes towards the cost of running group nights. Adult volunteer members and supporters pay an annual membership subscription. Our activities are run on an at-cost basis, with all participants contributing. There is usually a charge for activities such as camps and events. It is a central part of our ethos that ability to pay should not be a barrier to participation so activities are paid for on a donation basis.

Camps and residentials

Cambridge district organises several camps every year usually including single age-group camps and camps for all age groups together.

All groups in Cambridge district come together in May for Spring Camp. Elfin Camp and Pioneer Camp take place in early summer each year and national Venturer Camp takes place every three years. Summer Camp for all ages, a week in summer, is sometimes just for Cambridge Folk, sometimes with other groups from the Eastern Region, or a national or international camp, with participants from all over the UK, as well as from our sister organisations around the world.

Outside of the camping season, we organise weekends at centres owned by Woodcraft Folk, such as Lockerbrook in the Peak District and Darsham in Suffolk.