Groups and activities

Learning through play

Cambridge Woodies do lots of different things at group nights and outside of them.

One of the major woodcraft activities is camping and the district organises several camps every year as well as attending national and international camps and sending delegations abroad, we also go on residential trips to woodcraft or other centres.

We go on walks throughout the year, help with conservation projects in and around Cambridge and help with the work of other charities











District fellows



Group nights

Most groups meet one evening a week during term time for a couple of hours and take part in age appropriate activities including games (with an emphasis on co-operation), craft activities, singing, cooking, speakers from other organisations, night walks and orienteering, conservation work… – anything really.

The younger groups tend to have an organising meeting for parents before term starts who think of a rough outline and then at the first meeting the children decide what they want to do for the rest of the term, and the older groups tend to decide completely for themselves.

Most groups have a few continuous leaders and then parents help out on a rota.

Camping and residential

Cambridge district organises several camps every year usually including:
Spring camp, the last weekend of May; for all ages, sometimes with groups from other towns.
Elfin camp, a weekend in early summer.
Pioneer camp, a different weekend in early summer.
Summer camp for all ages, a week in summer, sometimes rather than our own summer camp we attend an Anglia camp with other eastern region districts or a national camp, with woodies from all over the UK.

We usually organise a couple of weekends at woodcraft owned centres, such as Lockerbrook in Derbyshire and Darsham Station in Suffolk (which we are helping to renovate) as well as others. These are either family events or for specific age ranges.

We also usually attend national camps such as Venturer camp, held every 3 years and DFs go to DF camp held every year – these are normally earlier than our district summer camp.


We also take part in and organise lots of other activities in and around Cambridge. We go on our own walks throughout the year as well as organising parachute games and helping the co-op with refreshments at the annual Oxfam Sponsored Walk.

For several years we have helped with conservation work at the nearby Beechwoods as well as the odd session at other local nature reserves.

In the past groups have helped with the work of and raised funds for charities, recently including Water Aid. We also occasionally have Ceilidhs and parties. Venturers have a fun time each year preparing entertainment for the elfin party.

Occasionally we organise large public events such as in July 2001 when we held a peace picnic on Jesus Green.

Expeditions and outdoor activities


Regional and National



We often form delegations to visit similar organisations in other countries and have them come to stay at our summer camps through the International Falcon Movement – an umbrella organisation for progressive youth groups worldwide – of which the Woodcraft Folk is a member.

In the summer of 2006 The Woodcraft Folk hosted Global Village, an international youth festival in Kent, on behalf of the IFM, which brought together around 4500 adults and young people from all over the world to explore themes based around the 8 UN millennium development goals. Cambridge District raised funds to bring 10 Peruvian children to the camp and we also had a large group from Norway. Click here for photos and reports.

In recent years we’ve hosted groups from and visited Hungary and Norway.

In the summer of 2009 14 of us went to Peru to visit the Peruvians who had been our guests in 2006. click here for a report.

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